Marketing: How to Market Yourself as a Coach or Consultant

Learn How To Package, Brand, Market, & Sell Your Services to Create an Enjoyable, Profitable, Successful Business

Are you an independent coach or consultant? Have you struggled to find the best way to market your services and attract clients?

Whether you’re just starting out, or you’ve been in business for years, this course will teach you 4 important cornerstones you need to have in place if you want to consistently attract clients. And, not just any old clients, but the exact clients you want to work with. The ones you can best help. And, the ones that energize you and make you want to get up every day and do what you do.

So you can build an enjoyable, profitable, successful coaching or consulting business that makes a difference in the lives of all the people you work with.

The first thing you'll learn how to do is Package Your Services.

It’s not about selling your time, it’s about selling what your clients want.

Your clients don't want to buy your time. And trust me, you don't want to be selling your time! However, in order to NOT sell your time, you need to stop thinking about hourly rates and 3- and 6-month coaching packages. And, instead, design a program that delivers the outcome, or transformation, your ideal clients are craving.

When you learn how to package your services, it also...

1. Helps you attract more of the right clients

2. Eliminates clients negotiating your prices or terms

3. Enables you to charge more

4. Enables you to sell more confidently

"I made my first $3000 within just a month of taking Debbie's class, even though this is a completely different type of consulting work for me than I've been doing the last 8 years."

~Aspiratech Training

Then, you'll learn how to Brand Yourself and Your Business.

Branding is crucial for coaches and consultants.

And, other service professionals, who don't have a lot of money to spend marketing their services.

Here's why...

1. You need a simple, clear way to stand out
2. You need to let your ideal clients know you're the best coach or consultant for them
3. You need to be able to attract those ideal clients in the first place
4. You need to set yourself apart from all the other coaches and consultants out there

Excellent Course!

"This course really exceeded my expectations. Great videos, great material and resources to go along with everything Debbie taught in the videos. The worksheets were SUPER helpful. Thank you!"

~Danise Jarrett

After that, you'll learn How to Market Yourself.

First, you'll learn how to craft your Marketing Message.

A message that...
1. Will attract your ideal clients
2. Clearly communicates exactly how you can help them
3. Doesn't sound like every other coach or consultant's marketing
4. Connects and resonates with your potential clients

Then, you'll learn how to put together your Marketing Plan.

You'll learn...

1. The 2 types of marketing EVERY marketing plan needs to succeed
2. How to pick the best marketing activities for you and your business
3. How to pick marketing activities that can save you time
4. How many different ways and how often you need to market to get results

"Concrete, specific, practical. Debbie is an excellent teacher and I have enjoyed the videos, handouts, and processes. Looking forward to jumpstarting my business. I highly recommend this to anyone interested in how to develop and market their business!!!"

~Michael Shoultz

And finally, you'll learn how to Sell Your Services.

Don't worry if you hate the idea of selling. Most coaches and consultants do!

In this course, you will learn a simple sales process that doesn't feel like you're selling.

In fact...
1. It doesn't require you to cold call
2. You don't have to try and sell to friends and family
3. Prospective clients come to you instead of you having to chase them down
4. And, it's simply the most effective way to sell coaching or consulting services I've ever found (and I've been selling for over 18 years!)

"I can't tell you how helpful this course was to me. It just made everything make sense - Debbie is very easy to follow and understand, being a complete newbie (and having read and listened to other courses on marketing) she made all the dots click like nothing else has. Thank you Debbie I am your biggest fan!"

~Melissa VanDyke

You'll have access to Debbie LaChusa's Proprietary, 7-Step Marketing & Branding Process

Debbie will walk you through the steps, one step at a time, with handouts, worksheets, examples, and simple exercises to help you apply everything to YOUR business.

This is the very same process she's used for years with her private coaching/consulting clients. You will receive the very same instruction she gives them, and all the same exercises, handouts, and worksheets. The only thing you won't get is the $4,000 price tag!

Well produced and presented by a true leader and coach... Worth every cent plus much much more! Very glad I have taken this course - it was hard to take a break - highly engaging!

~Christiane Ash

"This course was thorough, engaging, useful, and packed with quality supplementary materials. It has definitely driven me back to the drawing board--thankfully in time to spare me the potential pitfalls she points out!"

~Lori Michele Kelley

Worried you may have questions or need more help?

Again, not to worry... you're covered! Every lesson has a Comments section right below it where you can post your questions or comments.

Debbie LaChusa personally reads and answers all questions. That means you're getting the benefit of her 30 years of business and marketing experience.

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"Debbie does a great job on walking you through all the steps necessary to get your marketing going. Thanks to Debbie I now know who my ideal clients are and what I really want to do with my coaching. Also the e-book on branding helped me out a lot. I would recommend this course to anyone who is new to marketing or anyone who wants to level up its marketing!"

~Robert de Kok


Your Instructor

Debbie LaChusa
Debbie LaChusa

Debbie created The Business Stylist® Marketing Academy to provide independent coaches and consultants with real-world-tested marketing training courses that are affordable and available online 24/7. To date more than 9,000 students have enrolled in her courses.

30 years of marketing and business experience.

Debbie has 30 years of marketing experience and has run her own business since 1998. She has spoken to audiences across the US, in Canada and Australia, and has shared the stage with celebrity teachers from The Secret.

Featured in national media.

She and her businesses have been featured in national online and offline media including Entrepreneur magazine,,,, Home Business Magazine, and Yahoo! Finance.

Author, podcaster, and blogger.

Debbie is also an author, podcaster, and blogger, and in addition to publishing her own blog she has been a featured guest blogger for the Yahoo! Small Business blog, The National Association of Entrepreneur Moms (now Today's Innovative Woman), The LifeChange Network, and the Consulting Café.

On a more personal note...

Debbie is a lifelong fitness enthusiast, runner, and pet-provided therapy volunteer. She enjoys spending her free time doing volunteer pet therapy work with her two golden retrievers, Hope and Faith. She's also a member of the national board of directors for Love on a Leash.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is this content different from what's in your other courses?
Yes, I teach individual courses on how to design a signature program, how to brand yourself, and how to sell your services. This course brings all of that together into one course. If you're looking for an overview of the entire process, with exercises to apply all of these steps to your business, this is the best course. If, however, you are looking for deeper instruction in just one area, I would suggest you look into the other courses, depending on the topic you're interested in. This course is also a great starting point, because it does teach you the entire process. After completing it, you may decide you want to go deeper in a particular area, and then you can take one or more of the other courses to do that.
When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After purchase, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.

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